How Do I Get Back My Ex

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How To Get Her Back – Some Important Tips

How to get her back? You may be wondering the answer to this question. Have you ever watched her walk out the door (and this normally happens in the heat of the moment), only to have you wishing her back maybe minutes, hours, weeks or months later? Most times you might be forgiven for thinking that once she leaves there is no way of getting her back. At this point in time, you may have thousands of questions running through your mind, like why did I let her go? What if she never wants to come back? What have I done? How should I approach her? And the list goes on and on.

How Her Mind Works:

How do I get back my exInstead of dwelling on all the negative feelings and letting them control you, you should focus on finding ways of how to get her back. One of the most important things to remember is to take things slow, and don’t rush her, otherwise you might turn into a stalker ex who just won’t leave her alone!

Sad as this might be, your misery actually brings her joy because it lets her know that you are hurt by the break-up, and she feels assured that you love her. Having said this, don’t try to patch things up, but rather act like you are ok as a person, but that you are not ok with her decision to leave, and when the opportunity presents itself, when she is more receptive, let her know that you want to patch things up.

This might seem confusing, but while she is ignoring you, she doesn’t want to see you move on, because at this point in time she feels uncomfortable with your presence. Give her the space she needs, while being patient and working on ways to patch things up with her. Avoid being the clingy and desperate ex, with all the calls and texts, because at the end of the day, all they do is turn her off.

Your Method of Choice to Get Her Back?

If you are planning methods of how to get her back, then number one on that list is to AVOID pleading and begging for her to take you back, because like mentioned earlier, it can be a real put off in as far as the ladies are concerned, they just don’t seem to care for a desperate guy! During this time, you should whenever she happens to talk to you, be the most attentive and careful than ever before, this is because you need to read deeper into what she does or does not say to you, as it could be the break you need to finally win her back.

Use right tactics and you will certainly get her backAlso in your how to get her back tactics, you should avoid playing games at all costs. While you might think that reverse psychology may work, more often than not it tends to back fire, and there is nothing more hurtful than losing the same girl twice in a short period of time! So whatever you do, try as much as possible to avoid manipulative mind games and pulling tricks that may hurt your chances.

Last but not least, controversial as it may be, you need to call her every now and again just to show her you still care, and if an anniversary or birthday comes up, then you can let her know you remembered, these will go a long way in your ways of how to get her back.



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