Text Your Ex Back

What and When to Text your Ex Back?

Having a break up is one of the most difficult things to bear. It dents you emotionally and at times you start acting weirdly. It is seen that most of the people, after a break up, are so desperate to get their ex back that they start stalking. They send various text messages to their ex, which is a nuisance that they simply piss her off.

When to text your Ex back?

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How Do I Get Back My Ex

How To Get Her Back – Some Important Tips

How to get her back? You may be wondering the answer to this question. Have you ever watched her walk out the door (and this normally happens in the heat of the moment), only to have you wishing her back maybe minutes, hours, weeks or months later? Most times you might be forgiven for thinking that once she leaves there is no way of getting her back. At this point in time, you may have thousands of questions running through your mind, like why did I let her go? What if she never wants to come back? What have I done? How should I approach her? And the list goes on and on.

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